Resource-efficient surfactant-based cleaner for use in the BIO-CIRCLE Blue parts washer. For pH-neutral cleaning and degreasing of small parts in workshops, industries and service. Contains microorganisms that degrade introduced oils, thus guaranteeing a long cleaning bath service life.

BIO-CIRCLE L Blue requires no heating - works optimally at ambient temperature, saving you heating costs and evaporative loss. It is ideal for moderate contaminations where the stronger cleaning power of heated BIO-CIRCLE L and Ultra aren't necessary.

  • Water-based cleaning fluid – non-combustible
  • Low-energy cleaner
  • Free from VOC in accordance with 1999/13/EC
  • No labelling required under the CLP regulation
  • pH-neutral – low risk of skin irritation
  • Surfactants on the basis of renewable raw materials


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A02090 20-litre jerrycan