BIO-CIRCLE GT Compact and GT Maxi

BIO-CIRCLE GT Compact and GT Maxi

Safe, effective parts washing using natural bio-remediation

The new BIO-CIRCLE GT range provides the optimal solution for parts cleaning. The simple, fast, safe and environmentally-friendly systems remove even the worst oil, grease and dirt contaminations. The liquids are long-lasting, VOC-free and economical.

Replace your solvent parts washer with BIO-CIRCLE and make an active contribution to the safety and comfort of your workers and to protect the environment.

  • For cleaning and degreasing heavily contaminated parts
  • New, deeper sink for minimal splashing
  • Optional wheel kit for easy mobility
  • New standardised control box with all-electronic components for easier access
  • Multiple filters for convenient removal of non-biodegradable contaminants
  • Optional stainless steel protection grid for sink
  • Optional lid to keep work area clean and ready to use

BIO-CIRCLE GT Compact and GT Maxi use BIO-CIRCLE L, Heavy Duty or Ultra bio-remediating liquids.Click here for more information!

 GT Compact with lid - Compact with wheels - Maxi - Maxi with lid


Cleaning with the GT Maxi

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GT Compact
GT Maxi

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Model GT Compact GT Maxi
Work surface (W x D) 730 x 520 mm 810 x 520 mm
Payload 100 kgs 250 kgs
Working height 980/910 mm 1030/860 mm
Operating temperature 15-48oC, factory set to approx. 41oC
Heating approx. 650 W
Pump 40 W
Optimum tank capacity 90 litres 100 litres
Material LDPE
Weight (empty) approx. 45 kgs approx. 55 kgs
Power supply 230 V, 50 Hz