BIO-CIRCLE Stainless Steel Sink

BIO-CIRCLE Stainless Steel Sink

Need a larger cleaning area? Stainless steel tops are available to increase the wash-basin size and the weight capacity.

Ideally suited for large and heavy parts, the stainless steel top is available for the BIO-CIRCLE Maxi.

  • Large work surface - 1500 x 950 mm
  • Conical drain with sieve filter and filter bag
  • Easy loading with overhead crane
  • PE grids for protection (optional)

Two types are available:

  • without support frame - maximum load 220 kgs
  • with support frame - available for 500 or 1000 kg maximum load capacities

Stainless steel sinks for increased work space and load capacities

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 Stainless steel top for BC Maxi  Load 220 kgs, 1500 x 950 x 300 mm
 Stainless Steel top with base frame for BC Maxi  Load 500 kgs, 1504 x 1004 x 300 mm
 Stainless steel top with base frame for BC Maxi  Load 1000 kgs, 1504 x 1004 x 300 mm