Mechanical Maintenance

Maintenance of machinery is an essential part of industry. Anything that moves is either greased, or oiled. Old lubricants need to be removed for inspection and repair of mechanical components. Traditionally, solvents were use but today we recognise the hazards of such products. Bio-Circle Surface Technology are a world leader in mostly water-based cleaners and degreasers for the safe and rapid removal of oil, grease, bitumen, glue residues, wax and resins, mineral deposits etc. Bio-Circle Cleaners fall into the following categories:

Acidic Cleaners:

For the removal of rust, moss, algae, limescale, mineral deposits

  • Power Cleaner DB
  • E-NOX Clean, (INOX-Clean), E-NOX I
  • Limescale Barracuda

pH-neutral Cleaners:

For general cleaning oil and grease. Used where consideration should be given to sensitive materials or human skin contact.

  • Bio-Rust
  • Bio-Circle liquids
  • Alustar 100
  • Star 100
  • E-NOX Shine (INOX-Top)

Alkaline Cleaners:

Where stronger cleaners are required for the removal of oil & grease, proteins, was, resins etc.

  • FT 100, 200
  • UNO, UNO S
  • Alustar 200, 300
  • Star 200, 300
  • CB 100
  • Smoke Resin Remover

Nature Boost

In addition, Bio-Circle have developed the Nature Boost range of products. These contain "solvents", but not as we know them. These powerful ingredients are derived from a waste product of the food industry, not petroleum distillates. The are non-flammable, non-toxic, have low volatility, no noxious fumes and are not classified as hazardous goods. Yet they clean as well as the strongest solvents - and have up to 10 times the useful service life of a solvent. There is no longer any need for hazardous solvents in the workplace.

Cleaning Systems

Bio-Circle also have a range of equipment for the convenient and safe application of their products. Ranging from simple, low-cost devices such as the clever Clean Box, up to the sophisticated, top-of-the-range Turbo.

Bio-Circle have a solution for all mechanical maintenance applications

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